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Resources for Seniors

Here you will find links to resources for seniors in Michigan, such as Medicare Advantage, the best medical alert systems, and online therapy options. This is provided by Online Therapy Directory and Paying for Senior Care - Understand Your Financial Options for Long Term Care.

Looking into Medicare options?

Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) covers these topics:

  • Who is eligible to enroll in Medicare Advantage?
  • The cost of Medicare Advantage plans
  • Coverage available through Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Advantage plans explained
  • How to compare Medicare Advantage plans

Medicare Advantage Plans in Michigan covers these topics:

  • About Medicare Advantage plans in Michigan
  • Getting help with Medicare Advantage in Michigan

Looking for a medical alert system that's affordable?

The Best Medical Alert Systems for Affordability discusses:

  • An Overview of Our Ranking Methodology
  • Top 10 Most Affordable Medical Alert Systems
  • Other Companies to Consider
  • Companies That Did Not Make the Top 10
  • Full Explanation of Our Metrics
  • How Do I Find an Affordable Medical Alert System?
  • More About Medical Alert Systems (Product Review; FAQs; Brand Comparisons)

Online Therapy Options:

Online Therapy Directory

  • This is a great resource for everyone, not just seniors! It is a directory to find the best online therapy option for you or your loved ones. Online therapy provides a way to get the care that you need while keeping you and others safe during this time of COVID-19.